If you’ve been on Facebook at all in the past seven years, you have probably seen and filled out a lead generation ad on your feed.

Lead Generation ads were introduced to Facebook advertisers in 2015. These ads allow businesses to collect contact information such as name, email address, phone number and more without their potential customer having to leave Facebook. These instant forms that are used to collect the information also let you include custom questions to help you understand your potential customers and reach your business goals.

TMD Marketing & Advertising was one of the first agencies to test out this new ad objective when it was still in it’s beta testing phase. Since 2015, the overall functionality and effectiveness of these lead generation ads have only improved.

Lead Generation ads look the same on the outside as pretty much every other ad. The magic really happens when someone clicks the call to action button on your ad. They’re greeted with a short introduction about either your company or the product/service you’re offering.

Facebook uses the users information to autofill their contact information like their name, email address and phone number to make it easier for the consumer, which is a huge win! The easier it is for people to fill out their information, the more leads you can get.


The Ad & The Offer

Since Facebook is a place where people go to be entertained and not advertised to, the ads you run need a couple of key factors to do well. These factors are scroll-stopping content and an irresistible offer. The better your content and offer is, the more form submissions you will get.


The Importance Of A Good Marketing Strategy

One thing we have noticed over time is that having a properly set up, strategic marketing funnel is crucial to getting high quality leads that are likely to convert into customers. Lead gen objective ads tend to be more expensive than just optimizing for website traffic and getting link clicks.

To get the lowest lead cost with the highest quality of lead, we have a three tier system that we use. It consists of:


Top of funnel

This tier is typically to drive awareness to a cold audience that might have interests that are related to what you offer, but isn’t familiar with your business, product or service.


Middle of funnel

This tier is used to show ads to a warm audience that is made up of people that look like your current customers or people that have shown interest in the past, but just haven’t taken action yet.


Bottom of funnel

This tier is for retargeting those people who have taken action on your ads in the past, visited your website or have filled out a lead form in the past, but hasn’t converted into a customer.


Qualifying Your Leads

When creating a lead form, it’s important to ask the right questions to facilitate the lead. We come up with and ask questions that will help us weed out potential tire kickers that aren’t serious about doing business with you. 

A good example is a home service company. One of these “qualifying questions” could be “Do you own your home or rent?” This question allows you as a company to weed out the people that they can’t actually do business with. It’s things like this that are so simple, but so important.


Through proper research, unique strategy and carefully crafted ads, Facebook lead generation ads get amazing results. Since lead generation ads became available, we have helped generate millions in revenue for our clients.

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