Ut Kilts (utkilts.com), a leading online retail kilt company, aimed to boost online visibility and sales through strategic digital advertising. In this case study, we dove into how Ut Kilts invested $2500 over 3 months in a targeted Google Ads campaign, resulting in an outstanding 8.3x return on ad spend (ROAS).



  • Increase online visibility for kilt-related searches.
  • Drive qualified traffic to the Ut Kilts website.


Campaign Strategy:

Keyword Research:

Identified relevant keywords related to kilts, Scottish attire, and related terms. Conducted thorough research to understand search trends and user intent.

Ad Creation:

Developed compelling ad copies highlighting Ut Kilts’ diverse kilt options, quality, and unique designs.Utilized ad extensions to provide additional information and enhance ad visibility.



8.3x Average Return on Ad Spend:

Ut Kilts achieved a remarkable 8x return on the initial $2500 investment, indicating a highly successful Google Ads campaign. The ROAS showcased the effectiveness of the strategy in converting ad spending into revenue.

Enhanced Brand Recognition:

Ut Kilts experienced a surge in brand visibility within the Google search ecosystem.

The campaign contributed to increased awareness and recognition of Ut Kilts as a top choice for kilts.



Ut Kilts’ strategic investment of $2500 in a Google Ads campaign proved to be a resounding success, achieving an impressive 8+x return on ad spend. The combination of meticulous keyword research, compelling ad creation, targeted audience reach, and continuous optimization led to increased visibility, higher conversions, and elevated brand recognition. This case study underscores the potential impact of a well-executed Google Ads strategy for businesses aiming to maximize their ROI and establish a strong online presence.