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You might hear from other ad agencies that print ads are giving way to digital and print advertising or direct mail is no longer a credible way to advertise your business; we’ll politely disagree and prove to you that it is… you see print advertising as a critical component of a well-rounded advertising plan. We work diligently to get your brand and your message in front of your potential customers in as many ways as possible; we plan our attack from all sides and print advertising and branding is certainly a necessary part of that blueprint.

Increase your brand awareness through print ad design and direct mail from our Layton, Utah marketing experts. Despite the moniker that all direct mail ads are “junk”, there is a reason that you continue to receive business offers in the mail: they work. At least ours do. With over 23 years of direct mail experience, TMD Marketing & Advertising knows how to produce print ads that produce results. You can trust our expertise in print advertising, direct mail, and B2B marketing.

Reach out to our local Layton direct mail marketing agency for a free consultation or a quote on your next direct mail project.

In the SEO industry, we like to describe our work as a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing makes this more clear than results. Commitment to your digital marketing will involve lots of communication, hard work, and trust. But if you keep going, the results online can be incredible. Get in touch with TMD Marketing & Advertising if you’re interested in a SEO strategy for the long-term.


Content Strategy

We will create the authentic and engaging content that your new audiences will appreciate and respond to.

Personalized Creative

Your business needs to stand out, which is why each direct mail product we produce, has your own unique style and flair.

Dynamic Targeting

Target new customers based on geographic location, demographics, search behaviors, interests, shopping habits and more.

Brand Recognition

Our team will help you maximize all of your direct mail efforts with consistent messaging and image recognition to your brand products or services.

Lead Generation

We create direct mail marketing strategies that bring the right customers with a high intent to buy.

Cross Channel Advertising

Marketing across various channels (including direct mail) guides potential customers towards engagement and moves them down the funnel.


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