Client Overview:

Power Scrub Egg Washer, a leading manufacturer of innovative egg washing machines, approached TMD Marketing to enhance their online presence and visibility. The primary goal was to elevate their website, PowerScrubEggWasher.com, to the top positions on Google for 25 select keywords within the competitive market of almost 30 million searches per query.



Competitive Market: The egg washing machine industry faced intense competition with millions of searches per keyword, making it challenging to stand out.

Search Engine Dominance: Power Scrub aimed to secure a position in the top 5 results on Google for their chosen 25 keywords.



Keyword Positioning: Attain top 5 positions on Google for 25 selected keywords.

Increased Visibility: Improve organic search rankings and increase daily organic clicks.



TMD Marketing implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, combining technical, on-page, and off-page SEO methods. The following steps were taken:

Keyword Research: Leveraged tools such as Agency Analytics, Google Analytics, and Ahrefs to identify opportunities and strengthen SEO positions surrounding the 25 target keywords.

Technical SEO: Optimized website structure, navigation, and backend elements to enhance search engine crawling and indexing.

On-Page SEO: Optimized website content, meta tags, and headings to align with the target keywords and improve relevance.

Off-Page SEO: Implemented link-building strategies and outreach efforts to build the website’s authority and credibility.



After a year of dedicated SEO efforts, Power Scrub Egg Washer experienced significant improvements:

Keyword Position Increase: Achieved a remarkable 152-position increase in Google rankings across the targeted keywords.

Increased Daily Organic Clicks: Witnessed a threefold increase in daily organic clicks, rising from 10 to 30 clicks daily clicks.

Enhanced Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR): The organic click-through rate improved from 3% to an impressive 4.1%.



TMD Marketing’s strategic and multi-faceted approach to SEO not only propelled Power Scrub Egg Washer to the top positions on Google for their desired keywords but also resulted in substantial increases in daily organic clicks and click-through rates.

The collaborative effort between Power Scrub and TMD Marketing demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed SEO strategy in a highly competitive online landscape.