SEO during a pandemic…. What does that look like?

In May of 2020, millions of businesses owners across the United States experienced the impacts of COVID-19 in both their physical and online businesses.

Some business owners doubled down on their online marketing efforts while others stopped everything and attempted to wait it out.

Now almost a year later, we are still experiencing the effects of Covid 19. That got us thinking…

What the difference was between those that stayed the course with their SEO strategies, and those that tried to wait it out?

Here’s a case study of a client that stuck with it after seeing their online business get crushed by COVID-19.

TrueTech Mechanical initially hired us for digital marketing and SEO services in September of 2019.

In the following months, they began to see steady growth in their online visibility, search engine rankings, and website traffic.

When May of 2020 rolled around, their organic website traffic tanked almost overnight and had dropped down below where it had been when they first began using our services.

What had been a healthy and successful SEO campaign, had suddenly taken a nosedive.


This sad story wasn’t unique to just TrueTech Mechanical during the first couple of months of the pandemic.

Many businesses saw the immediate effect that it was having on their online performance. Significant drops in site traffic occurred overnight, leaving many business owners to question whether they should even be putting money into maintaining their online presence or if they should just wait until the world returned to normal.

As a result, many businesses made the decision to discontinue or pause SEO services.

It may sound counterintuitive, but our recommendation to our clients during this time was to stay the course.

Those of our clients that chose to stay the course and stick with their current SEO strategy ended up in a much better position when the situation began to calm down.

TrueTech Mechanical is a great example of this. Not only were they able to quickly rebound from pandemic related traffic loss, their average monthly traffic is at an all-time high, nearly doubling their lowest numbers.

During times of uncertainty, if your digital presence weakens while your physical presence weakens, then your business will be put at much greater risk once the world has returned to normal.

What’s more, your competitors who maintain and adapt their monthly SEO and other digital marketing services to take advantage of this situation, will cause you to be left even further behind.

2020 proved that anything can happen, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Without a skilled marketing company like TMD managing your SEO on a monthly basis, campaign attrition will inevitably begin to set in, forcing you to play catch up.