Now, more than ever, digital marketing has become one of the most important components of any comprehensive marketing strategy. As consumers increasingly turn to the internet to find the service and products they need, businesses must keep up with the demand by creating a strong digital presence through their online advertising. One of the most popular types of digital marketing is PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising through Google Ads. By creating specific ads, catered to your business services or offering, you can more readily reach your targeted audience.

When searching for a digital agency to partner with for a PPC campaign, it is important to find one that is a verified Google Partner. A Google Partner is a certification earned by PPC experts and is an important indication of the type of results you will see by working with someone who clearly has experience working within the Google Ads realm. If you want to run a successful PPC campaign, it is important to work with a Google Partner and here is why.

  1. Google Partners are Experts: While you take care to know what is best for your business, it is impossible to be an expert in every technique that can help your business succeed. By hiring a Google Partner agency for your PPC services, you can rest assured that someone whose job is dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of Google Ads is creating your campaign and maintaining it to ensure you are always getting the best ROI. Google Partners also stay up to date on all of Google’s algorithm changes and the latest trends in digital marketing, to ensure you are always at the forefront of what is most important for digital advertising for your company.
  2. Google Partners Use the Same Services They Sell: When you trust a digital marketing agency with your needs and goals, it is important to make sure they too practice what they preach. If an agency does not use PPC or SEO for their own website, how can they help you with these services for yours? A certified Google Partner knows the foundation of a successful digital marketing campaign and will easily be able to show you how SEO and PPC have worked for their own business.
  3. Google Partners Can Provide More Efficient Service: If any issues should arise with your PPC campaign, such as a malware attack, a Google Partner can easily help you figure out the cause of the issue and work to remedy it as quickly as possible. Google Partners can provide fast service, as well as superior service because they must uphold certain standards to remain in favor with Google.
  4. Google Partners Work with Google Directly: Since Google Partners work directly with Google you can rest easy knowing that any questions that arise can be addressed with Google itself. It is difficult for individuals to get into contact with Google, but your Google Partner can easily reach out to their contact and expediate service for any questions or concerns about your campaign. Google Partners also get special access to products in beta testing, long before they are available to the public, ensuring your campaign is always operating at the most updated and advanced level.

TMD Marketing & Advertising is a trusted Google Partner

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