To your everyday consumer, this “content size” thing might not seem like it’s a big deal. Who cares if you put a picture or a video on facebook that isn’t the right size? Not a big deal right?

Let’s talk about it a little bit. 

Your average, everyday consumer might not care on the surface, but subconsciously they do. 

I’ll explain.

If you are scrolling through social media and there is a big bright video that takes up most of the screen, chances are, you are going to watch it because of its size and the fact that it’s appealing and it’s taking up the majority of your screen.

On the other hand, if that same video was half the size and only took up a small portion of your screen and is hard to see, you might just keep scrolling because it wasn’t optimized to the placement that it was shown on. 

Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that decide if your content is worth seeing or not.

The first half hour after posting really matters. Facebook and Instagram pushes content to your followers when it gets engagement which is likes, comments and shares. If no one is engaging with your content in that first half hour to hour, your results will more than likely be sub par.

This is why it’s important to put the correct content sizes in the correct places on social media. Everything should be optimized in order to give it the best chances of being seen.

In conclusion, not all image sizes are created equal. Each platform has different placements that have required image sizes in order to give the consumer the best experience possible.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on image and video sizes and what placements those sizes are best suited for: