When it comes to connecting with new customers, Google Ads is going to be one of the best advertising options for plumbers and HVAC companies.

In most cases, people typically won’t see an ad on Facebook and think “Oh yeah, I do need to replace those pipes at some point” until one has already burst. They might not come looking for you until they need you, but once they do, that search intent is typically pretty high, even if it’s not an emergency situation.

Here’s the catch: Most other plumbing (and HVAC companies) have figured this out, and have placed their bids on the PPC platform already.

Fortunately, there are 5 Google Ad tricks for plumbers and HVAC companies that you can use to ensure that your ad quality and relevance is high, increasing the likelihood that you’re the one to get the click and book the job.

1. Keep Your Geographic Targeting Tight

A lot of your target audience will be using “near me” or location-based keywords like “Kansas City plumber.” Make sure that you’re using these phrases both as target keywords and within the actual copy of your ad to increase ad relevance and rank higher for these searches.

You should also adjust your location targeting on your ad campaigns, ensuring that your ads are only appearing in searches belonging to users in the geographical ranges that you actually service. For many home service companies, a good call will be to choose the radius around an area that you service. You can exclude specific zip codes are areas if needed on top of this if needed.

2. Add Urgent Keywords To Your Mix

Most service companies are focusing exclusively on high-volume generic keywords like “Seattle plumber.” While you should definitely be bidding on those too, adding urgent keywords to your mix can give you a way to set yourself and your ad apart while appealing to a very specific need and a high intent audience.

Keywords like “emergency plumber” or “same day plumber” may not have the exact same volume, but many of your competitors may not offer these services. Even if they do, they may not be featuring them well in their ad copy. The people making these searches want the first name they can find that they’re sure matches what they need, and they don’t want to call four different people trying to find who they need.

Do some keyword research to find what urgent and high-intent keywords your audience is searching for. SEMrush has a great keyword tool that can offer suggestions based on a key phrase, and will even show you the average CPC bid you may be spending on each one. Because these audiences will be so high-intent, it’s safe to bid a little higher on these keywords when you have the budget to do so.

3. Get Some Inspiration From Established Providers

Sometimes one of the best things we can do when starting a new campaign is to steal a few tricks from people who have already run some tests.

Take a look at national franchises or larger, established plumbing businesses from any location. Use a tool like SEMrush to check out the keywords they’re targeting, what they’re paying, and what ad strategies and messaging they’re using.

You may find some keywords or strategies that you want to adapt for your campaigns, including featuring certain services or offering a discount for the first service rendered. As long as you adapt it and ensure that it appeals to your specific audience, you could even beat them at their own game.

4. Draw Attention to Your Ad with Extensions

Ad extensions are an exceptional tool for anyone who wants to advertise on Google Ads, including plumbers. They allow you to add rich snippets to your ad campaign, giving users more information and making it easier for them to find what they need to get in touch.
They’ll also help you stand out, because your ad will visually look different than everyone else’s, which is an exceptional advantage.

You can add multiple extensions to each ad campaign, and we recommend that plumbers use (or at least test) the following:

Call extensions, which make it easy for users to call you quickly, particularly on mobile.

Callout extensions, which act as CTAs within the ad messaging to encourage clients to call you.

Sitelink extensions, which allow you to feature links to different locations on your site so people can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Location extensions, which show your business’s address so that people know you’re close by and able to help.

Promotion extensions, which offer incentives for people to hire you instead of your competition.

Structured Snippets, which help you stand out, and are best used to feature links and info about different services offered, like drain cleaning, repairs, and fixture installations.

5. Keep Your Ad Groups Niched Down

One of the best ways that you can improve your ad campaigns will be to keep your ad groups niched down. Have a single ad campaign and ad group for emergency-based keywords; have another that appeals to contractors who hire plumbers to help them build a house, and another for those who are looking for specific services if you’re getting a ton of hits on those keywords.

This all comes down to relevance. Google is more likely to display your ad– and rank it higher— when the search term matches the keyword you’ve targeted, which also matches the ad copy and landing page. These factors are much easier to line up when your keyword group is hyper-focused.

The relevance will not only improve your visibility, but your actual CTRs and conversion rates, too. People will see messaging that feels tailor-made for their specific needs instead of a generic ad that tries to do too much, and they’ll know you offer drain cleaning services or same-day repairs.

Even if your competitors do, if they don’t mention it exclusively you’ll likely be the one to get the click; when a burst pipe is ruining their new hardwood floors, they want to find the fastest person possible who can help. If you’re able to do this while incorporating branded language and explaining why you’re the best option, you’re sure to get the clicks.


Google Ads is an investment, but it’s a worthwhile one. If you aren’t getting the clicks, after all, there’s a good chance that your competition is. They’ll also allow you to jump up in the search engine results pages if you’re still building up organic momentum, which is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Focus on connecting with your target audience and delivering them with the most relevant, niched-down ad campaign possible. Avoid keyword stuffing, and opt for simple but effective messaging that appeals to their immediate needs based on search intent. When this all lines up, you’ll see the clicks, the calls, and the jobs coming in before you know it.

Are you ready to start finding new clients through Google Ads (and stealing them away from your competition)?