How do you take a leader of an industry with brick and mortar retailers and create them a bulletproof online presence and an unstoppable online sales machine at the same time?

Lifetime Products are in almost every store in the United States that has an Outdoor section. The problem wasn’t consumers being unfamiliar with Lifetime Products, the problem was that there wasn’t an easy and clear path to buy their products online when searching for them. Lifetime Products needed a new marketing partner that knew and understood how to strategically place ads on Google and rank above other online retailers in order to get people to visit their site and purchase their products.

Our Approach

Lifetime Products was left with a mismanaged Google Ads account form a previous marketing partner that was one of those “Big Agencies”. After doing our research and studying previous data, we were able to develop a PPC strategy that would allow us to place their ads in front of the most qualified customers at the right time in order to have the highest chance at getting a purchase. 


In just the first 3 months, we implemented our SEM strategy that was specifically designed for Lifetime Products and increased their online sales by 30%. Following our optimization structure and using Google’s machine learning and bid optimizations we continued to see results improve over the years…

From November of 2018 to October 2020, the avg return on ad spend was 31.9x… So again, that’s like giving Google $1 and they give you $31.90 back. We also increased their online sales revenue by 353%, increased their conversion rate by 37% and increased the amount of transactions by over 300%.

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