As competition for local business only increases, standing out from crowd is the key to gaining loyal customers, building your brand, and increasing your bottom line. One of the simplest, and sometimes hardest ways to do this, is by having many positive Google reviews. Since Google reviews appear on your business listing in search, as people hunt for the products and services they offer, a positive review can make or break your chances of the user contacting you for service over your competitor.

While some users are instinctively compelled to leave reviews for businesses they have worked with, many don’t know how to leave a review, or why they are important. When you want to make an impression on potential customers, it is important to have Google reviews. Here are some of the easiest ways to ask existing customers for them.

  1. Encourage customers to leave reviews when service is completed:  When you send a customer an invoice or a follow-up thanking them for their business, encourage them to leave you a review on Google. If these communications are online, provide a link to your review section so that they can easily click and write the review for you. You can even offer a discount off their next purchase or service for leaving a review.
  2. Ask customers to leave reviews when sending out newsletters or service reminders: If you have clients that you send regular email communications to, consider adding in a link that asks them to write a review (if they haven’t already) about their experience with your company.
  3. Link to your Google reviews on social media, your website, and emails: Sometimes customers do not know how to leave a review or where to leave it. Make sure to link to your Google review on your social media sites, on your website, and at the bottom of email newsletters. You can even provide instructions to customers on how to do it.

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