The customer’s journey doesn’t just stop at the first click, in-fact it could take up to six impressions or engagements to turn that click into a customer. Below is just a few of the more advanced digital strategies we take to refine that experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Placement of PPC search ads on Google AdWords. Delivery of the ad occurs in real time when the person searches a relevant keyword or phrase allowing for immediate access to present your product/offering.

Paid Social

Deliver ads across a variety of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Consumers trust social media platforms and are likely to convert on offerings given that the product or service align with their needs.

Retargeting/Dynamic Retargeting

Deliver ads to an audience that visited a page but did not complete the intended conversion. The brand is top of mind for this audience, and they are classified as a lower-funnel audience given previous engagement with the client’s site.

Predictive Targeting (Lookalike or Similar Audiences)

Analyzing the characteristics of a converting audience and building a larger audience pool based on these shared characteristics. Event tags or pixels are placed on the conversion pages to collect the data. These people have completed the conversion, and audiences with similar characteristics are likely to do the same.

CRM Integration (Current customer data)

Your CRM system houses information of audiences that have already been identified as prospective or current customers/clients. We’re able to integrate this CRM data within our platform to target by email address, and phone numbers.

Keyword Search Targeting (In-market audiences)

Ability to gather data from the industry leading search engines and target people with display and video ads based on previous search history. Viewers searching for specific keywords and phrases are actively in-market for those products.

Standard Display Banners

Standard banner sizes are delivered for maximize reach on Google’s Display network and partner sites.