Understanding your audience will help you reach the most effective person with your advertising message, buyers are unique and big data helps is find the right person and the most effective time to get the most out of your advertising budget. There are many forms of direct mail that will yield different results, including post cards, letters, data configured mailers, magazines, rewards mailers, informational brochures and more… Choose the right form to meet your business needs and budget.

To get the most out of your direct mail ad, your campaign or mailer should include the following:

Provide a strong offer to reel in new guests or reward existing customers.

  • Free – buy something, get one free, example: purchase a sandwich and two drinks and get a second sandwich FREE

  • Half price – buy something, get 1/2 price or 50% off 2nd item 1/2 price or 50% off)

  • Dollars off – convert % off to dollars (example: Instead of 20% Off, use $10.00 Off a $50.00 purchase)

Effective ad design

The ad should build value for its use and create a reason to buy TODAY! Keep the ad simple by using short and direct, easy-to understand language. Make important points easy to read and lend a definitive tone.

Repetition and consistency

Having a strong offer and a great ad design will help bring new customers, however a one-time approach will only provide minimum results. The success of a marketing campaign relies on repetition and consistency. The more your ad is in front of your

audience, the greater your chances of getting a response, keep in mind that a buyer is not always ready to buy when you are ready to sell.

Other things to consider

  • How long the business has been around

  • Time of year, seasonal businesses

  • Competition and their advertising message

  • Frequency of the message

  • Provide clear branding with minimal clutter in your design

  • Don’t forget contact points; address, phone, website, social links, etc

Know your audience, develop a clear and concise message and follow through with a plan, or you can call us, direct mail advertising is our specialty! TMD Marketing & Advertising contact us at 801-829-9181