Direct Mail Advertising & Custom Printed Products

Increase your brand awareness through print advertising. Despite the moniker that all print ads are “junk”, there is a reason that you continue to receive business offers in the mail: they work.  At least ours do.  With over 23 years of combined print ad experience, TMD Marketing & Advertising knows how to produce print ads that produce results. You can trust our expertise in print advertising, direct mail, and B2B marketing.

You might hear from other ad agencies that print ads are giving way to digital and that print advertising or direct mail is no longer a credible way to advertise your business; we’ll politely disagree and prove to you that it is... you see print advertising as a critical component of a well-rounded advertising plan.  We work diligently to get your brand and your message in front of your potential customers in as many ways as possible; we plan our attack from all sides and print advertising and branding is certainly a necessary part of that blueprint.

Our marketing capabilities include

PPC / Social Media / SEO / Direct Mail / Branding / Graphic Design / Web Design / Video