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Why White Label & Google Ads?


Google is one of the world’s leading advertisers. Almost every time people type in a question, advertisements lead the top of search results. However, not all advertisements are alike. Some Google AdWords plans are automatically written by Google’s robots, others are developed by a marketing company to engage users and draw in business. TMD is that kind of marketing company. We manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google with efficiency and precision so you don’t have to…save time, money, resources and headache with TMD acting as your Google Ads & PPC management white label agency.

White Label SEM Solutions

The first step to managing your pay-per-click campaign is identifying your priorities. What do you need to sell? What information do you need to share? Which areas of business are developing more slowly? We’ll work with you to answer these questions and make sure we’re running ads with keywords that can actually draw in growth. Next, we’ll set up the campaign, building out keywords, ads, and locations. From there, we can track the campaign’s progress with metrics like clicks and conversions.

Our goal as a PPC Management company is making sure you spend money on Google Ads that can actually bring in business. So many companies blindly run pay-per-click ads on Google without understanding their impact. But our digital marketing agency is experienced in figuring out what’s working and what isn’t, which helps us refine Google Adwords campaigns and increase conversions.

What Exactly is White Label PPC?

White label PPC is an advertising service that B2B companies can buy, rebrand, and resell as their own. These white label services include PPC campaigns, unique reporting, management services, client consulting, etc. Your company can add new advertising services for clients without the headaches that come with incurring new channel woes.

Case in point: your agency can buy white label PPC services from a white label PPC service provider, incorporate those PPC campaigns for their business clients, and have the campaigns managed for their clients by the provider under their agency brand. In a nutshell, it’s managed digital advertising services that you can resell under your brand to local businesses.

Why Use White Label PPC?

Offering fully managed PPC campaigns to clients in a cost-effective, hands-off way, white label PPC services allow agencies to promote growth and positive ROI (return on investment). By outsourcing the PPC campaign management to an external, expert team, your agency is not only guaranteed great results for their clients, but also saves time and money, which reduces the initial investment. The three main reasons for using a white label PPC provider are:

  • Time restrictions – white label PPC providers offer an easy and time effective method to generate leads and brand awareness without the time of account setup, management, reporting etc.
  • Resource restrictions – especially for startups, there are money and employee-power limitations that restrict how many areas of the digital marketing.
  • Little to no headache – with all integrations & services already intact, once a white label provider is approached, the planning phase and execution methodology is quick and thorough.  However, with all facets of the process in place at the onset, getting campaigns up-and-running is relatively painless.

The bottom line of white label PPC is that it enables digital marketing agencies to resell new services at their own price, save time to focus on other areas of business, and grow at scale. White label PPC is basically a way for agencies to generate more revenue without making more work for themselves.

Reach out to our digital marketing agency, a Certified Google Partner since 2013, for a free consultation or Google AdWords advice.




Lifetime Products was left with a mismanaged Google Ads account form a previous marketing partner that was one of those “Big Agencies”. After doing our research and studying previous data, we were able to develop a PPC strategy that would allow us to place their ads in front of the most qualified customers at the right time in order to have the highest chance at getting a purchase.

World Class Reporting and Analytics

Connect all your digital marketing channels into one dashboard for simplified reporting, measurement and monitoring for SEO, PPC, Social media, Email marketing, Google Analytics, Reviews, Call tracking and more.


Brand Awareness

Our team will help you maximize your PPC marketing efforts with consistent messaging and recognition to your brand products or services.

Lead Generation

We create marketing strategies that bring the right customers with a high intent to buy using relevant keywords and quality ad copy.

Dynamic Targeting

Target users based on geographic location, demographics, search behaviors, interests, shopping habits and more.

Personalized Creative

Your business needs to stand out, which is why each ad we produce, from Google search ads to YouTube, has your own unique style and flair.

Cross Channel Advertising

This seamless approach to marketing across various channels guides potential customers towards engagement and moves them down the funnel.

Conversion Optimization

Regularly optimize for placements, devices and demographics using analytics insights to reach the most effective audiences.


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