When Royal Water Systems hired TMD Marketing & Advertising for SEO services and digital marketing more than two years ago, they had just started their online efforts. The website barely registered on search engines, appearing primarily when people Googled the domain, rwatersystems.com. The company was struggling to develop business from a burgeoning online market.

As the campaign progressed, the website gradually rose to the top of search engines. Landing pages were constructed for key markets, and the client started to gain traffic from these areas. During an early 6-month period of the campaign, results were positive, with an organic traffic increase of more than 30%.

This growth was significant and a direct result of SEO efforts, from content optimization to landing page creation to linkbuilding. Around 30% of visitors to the website were arriving from search engines, with about 90% of that number being new to the site. At this point, our SEO team was only getting started with the campaign. In coming months, we would see organic traffic increase by around 10% every month. These were small gains, and there were months (as you can see in the image below) where traffic was down. But overall, these gains accumulated, and the website continued to crawl to the top of search engines.

More than a year into the campaign, we started to see big spikes, like with January 2018 in the image above. It took months of hard work and steady progress to start seeing these dramatic “spikes” in traffic. The campaign reached a point where today, its traffic is up by 430% compared with August of two years ago.

Royal Water Systems could have easily stopped SEO services at the six-month mark, after good keyword gains and the 30% traffic increase. But they decided to keep going, and they experienced phenomenal growth because of their commitment to an ongoing digital marketing campaign.

In the SEO industry, we like to describe our work as a marathon, not a sprint. Nothing makes this more clear than the above results. Commitment to your digital marketing campaign will involve lots of communication, hard work, and trust. But if you keep going, the results can be incredible. Get in touch with TMD Marketing & Advertising if you’re interested in a digital marketing strategy for the long-term.