Local SEO Case Study

Here’s a quick example of how building location based landing pages for a locally owned plumbing, heating and air conditioning company helped them find success online and acquire more prospects in a very competitive industry.

“We hear everyone and their dog talk about local SEO. What is it? Why do you need it? How does it work?”

I’ll give you a quick insight…

Local SEO is used to increase the search visibility for your “local” business, specifically in the communities that you serve customers face-to-face.

But what if you do business in more than one community? What if you service a couple towns or even a couple of counties?

Chances are, your website isn’t optimized to be found organically in all of the locations that you service, but there is a solution… Location based landing pages on your website.

These landing pages are designed to cater and offer services to the people in specific geographical areas while also gaining search result rankings in that particular area.

Enter TMD Marketing & Advertising…

Royal Plumbing Heating & Air is a local home service company based out of Ogden, Utah. Their success for years has been from existing relationships and maintaining a positive reputation but before TMD they struggled to find themselves in many popular search results for services related to their industry, challenging their growth as a company.

TMD went to the drawing board to come up with a custom SEO strategy that would best suit Royal Plumbing and help them accomplish their online marketing goals. During the first couple of months of this new SEO campaign, we began seeing gradual rankings in search engines for Ogden.

After reviewing some key data, it was determined that Royal Plumbing would benefit from creating additional location landing pages for cities close by. These new pages’ sole purpose was to provide a place to implement local SEO strategies for each of the areas instead of cluttering the main page or service pages on the website with content that isn’t relevant to everyone who visits.

Since the addition of these location pages we have been seeing a steady increase in website traffic from month to month. We have also seen a significant increase in rankings for keywords for the specific cities. For example “Clinton UT AC repair” was previously Unranked and now is in the 9th position on the first page of Google. We also saw “Roy HVAC repair” and “AC repair weber UT”  move to the 5th position from being unranked.

As time moves forward and we continue to develop and implement SEO strategy,  we expect to see a significant rise in organic traffic and keyword rankings due to the addition of these geographic focused landing pages that were added to the website. Location landing pages are a great tool for targeting additional cities and the results that we have been seeing with Royal Plumbing are what we strive for. 

Overall Results

  • 39.02% Increase in Organic Traffic YOY
  • 93.26% Increase in Leads (Phone Calls & Form Submissions)
  • 1.78% Increased Conversion Rate