Local SEO Case Study

Here’s a quick example of how building location based landing pages for a locally owned auto dealer helped them find success online and acquire more prospects in a very competitive industry.

So, What Do You Think SEO Can Do For Your Car Dealership…


Wasatch Front Kia, a Kia car dealership in Riverdale, UT part of the Cutrubus automotive dealership family, came to TMD several years ago in search of… well… of just that, in search of a local search presence.  Whereas the car industry standard is mainly focused on a standardized PPC campaign model to drive inventory to the consumer, Wasatch Kia wanted to attract those pursuing a particular Kia in a particular geographic area.

Enter TMD Marketing & Advertising…

TMD went to the drawing board to strategize about how to not only differentiate the dealership from others organically in the Ogden and overall Salt Lake City areas but also to distinguish the Kia dealership within the Cutrubus auto family.

TMD utilized a strategy of localized marketing to achieve these goals, creating a series of localized, product-oriented pages to target the potential consumer searching for a unique model of Kia within a particular region.  This focus strove to target the potential Kia buyer not only on a geographic level, but also utilizing a “pull” marketing strategy to organically deliver their message to a consumer wanting their product through search engine result page (SERP) presence.  When a person was searching for a Kia within a specific region with a specific query, for example “Kia Telluride Ogden Utah”, the goal was to deliver a tailored landing page fully servicing the needs & relevancy of the search phrase.  

While establishing a geo-targeted, pull marketing SEO strategy, TMD was also moving the website identification to the Wasatch distinction as opposed to the Cutrubus brand.  This started to solidify the name recognition between the Wasatch Front Kia and their Kia dealership providing a dual name recognition and brand recognition goal to be reflected in their online awareness.

Since the addition of these location pages we have been seeing a steady increase in website traffic from month to month. We have also seen a significant increase in rankings for keywords for the specific cities.  Most significant increases have been seen on the overall traffic and awareness of Wasatch Front Kia reflected in the growth in organic traffic since beginning in 2019 as well as significant growth in pages/session, new users, and conversion rate while experiencing a decrease in bounce rate (good in our line of work).

As time moves forward and we continue to develop and implement our SEO strategy,  we expect to see a significant rise in organic traffic and keyword rankings due to the addition of these geographic focused landing pages that were added to the website.  

Location specific landing pages are a great tool for targeting additional cities and the results that we have been seeing with Wasatch Front Kia are what we strive for.

Overall Results

  • 96% Increase in New Users From March 2021 – June 30, 2021 (YOY comparison)
  • 112% Increase in Contact Form Submissions
  • 8.9% Decrease in Bounce Rate