Facebook Ads

Case Study
5.2 x ROAS

How does a trendy women’s boutique like Journey Five make so much noise in one of the most crowded retail markets?

With trend setting styles and competitive pricing to rival even the biggest womens boutiques, Journey Five brings a lot to the table as a brand. But how do you leverage quality products and great content at the best prices into more online sales? Journey Five needed a partner that could take their products and turn them into tasteful advertisements on Facebook and Instagram while preserving their brand image of being the best.

Our Approach

Journey Five needed Facebook & Instagram ads that matched their brand, focusing on new styles and seasonal items and most importantly, brought in revenue. We did extensive research on their customer base and strategized on how we could best serve them ads that would reach them at the right moment with the highest amount of intent in order to get them to purchase online.


In just 6 months we took Journey Five from having no social media advertising presence, to achieving 5.2x return on their ad spend, blowing the industry standard of 2.8x out of the water. That’s like giving Facebook $1 and they give you back $5.20 in exchange. Put plainly, we spent $9,288 to make $47,239 back in revenue.

  • 3.58% average ad CTR (Click-through rate)
  • 6.17% ad conversion rate (online purchases from ads)

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